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International leading fuel cell power system solutions
  • 1. R&D and manufacturing of fuel cell power system

    Fuel cell power system technology research and product development, production, and manufacturing that meet various application scenarios, with a power coverage of 30KW-135KW;
  • 2. Research on basic fuel cell technology and R&D and manufacturing of core components

    Humidification-free membrane electrodes, metal bipolar plates, flexible graphite plates, a new generation of long-life and cost-effective air compressors, cost-effective hydrogen circulation technology, and reliable fuel cell controllers;
  • 3. Application development of fuel cells in various scenarios

    Application development in line with various fuel cell scenarios: medium and heavy logistics vehicles, cold chain vehicles, buses, commuter vehicles, sanitation vehicles, agricultural machinery, forklifts, construction machinery, backup power, etc.;
  • 4. Forward-looking technology research and technology application development

    Forward-looking technology research and technology application development of fuel cell stacks and systems that meet various application scenarios (IP67/low temperature start/FCU/composite bipolar plate/new generation structure, etc.).
Ecological closed-loop solutions for fuel cell industry
  • 1. Design, construction and operation management of hydrogen refueling stations

    Using modular design concept and advanced operation experience, scientific design, rational layout, real-time visualization of hydrogen refueling station operation management
  • 2. R&D and manufacturing of compressors and complete sets of equipment for hydrogen refueling stations

    Development and production of leading liquid-driven compressor units and complete sets of equipment for hydrogen refueling stations;
  • 3. Prospective hydrogen storage and transportation technology research and hydrogen quality monitoring and detection technology development

    Research on liquid hydrogen storage and transportation technology; research on hydrogen mixing technology in gas pipeline; research on hydrogen quality online detection technology;
  • 4. Fuel cell new energy vehicle operation services

    The Internet open platform provides one-stop services such as vehicle custody, energy consumption management, trajectory monitoring, safety warning, financial insurance, maintenance and rescue, and station operation and maintenance management for new energy commercial vehicles.