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system development manager

Job Responsibilities

1.Organize the compilation of relevant technical specifications for fuel cell system platform docking, and collect and analyze forward-looking information in the industry;

2.Responsible for new product system design;

3 .Organizing review of new products and overall system solutions

4.User needsMarket demand analysis and uation, product planning;

5.Other departments provide technical support;

6.Internal technical training organization of the department

7According to the requirements, organize a new team to develop the company development design; 

8 .Responsible for product design.

Job Requirements

1.Understand the development trend of the industry, rich experience in product design, good organizational planning ability, master product design, process improvement, product planning ability;

2.Strong practical ability and theoretical knowledge;

3. 1 0+ years of work experience


Hydrogen Refueling Station Project Manager

Job Responsibilities

1.Responsible for the project construction and operation management of the hydrogen refueling station:Including project construction submission and review work, communication and coordination of relevant departments, project implementation management, operation management, etc.; 

2.Write various research reports and technical solutions related to the project, and participate in third-party technical exchanges; 

3.Responsible for the follow-up and implementation of special issues during project implementation. 

job requirements

1.College degree or above in city gas, engineering management, chemical industry, etc.

2.haveMore than 2 years experience in construction, installation, operation and management of gas filling and gas station projects

3.Experience in construction, operation and management of hydrogen refueling stations is preferred;

4.Have excellent communication coordination and project management skills, adapt to frequent business trips


Fuel cell R&D engineer

Job Responsibilities

1.Software Development of Fuel Cell Engine Control System 

2.Commissioning and testing of fuel cell power systems 

3.Participate in product development work

4.Assist in the writing of technical plans and project application materials.   

job requirements

1.Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics, software and automation

2.More than two years relevant work experience

3.Experience in electric vehicle controller development is preferred;

4.Familiar with hydrogen fuel cells,masterCAN bus protocol (especially J1939)


Senior Embedded System Development Engineer

Job Responsibilities

1.Responsible for the software and hardware design and debugging of the embedded controller of the vehicle-mounted hydrogen fuel cell engine 


job requirements

1.Bachelor degree or above,Computer, automatic control, automotive electronics major is preferred

2.Experience in electric vehicle control development is preferred

3.Familiarity with hydrogen fuel cells is preferred,Master the CAN bus protocomaster;

4.With more than two years FreescaleCPU development experience


Sales Manager or Director

Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the management of sales business and sales team in the region; 

2. Responsible for supervising and promoting the completion of the regional annual sales plan; 

3.Effectively promote the project and report the progress of the project in a timely manner.

job requirements

1.above Bachelor degree,More than 3 years of sales promotion experience in new energy vehicles or hydrogen energy industry;

2.Can adapt to frequent business trips to Hebei, Shanxi and other regions, with good team spirit and excellent coordination and pressure resistance

3.Main work location:Guangxi, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou


market reserve officer

Job Responsibilities

1.According to the marketing plan, complete the sales target of the department 

2.Organize market research on the company's products and provide product market positioning analysis reports 

3.Responsible for the planning and execution of sales activities in the sales area.  

job requirements

1.Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing, news media, advertising communication, vehicle engineering is preferred

2.Judgment with certain market analysis and ability, good customer service awareness

3.Have good market planning ability and brand building awareness

4.Can withstand pressure and adapt to travel frequently

5.Welcome to all previous graduates, there are1-2 years of sales experience


How to apply

contact us:
Personnel Email:HR@sino-sfcc.com   
contact number:0755-82921196/13724200023
Contact: Manager Lei
Recruitment website: Zhaopin Recruitment(STATE FUEL CELL TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION)
company address: Building C, No. 14, Zhongxing Road, Xiuxin Community, Kengzi Street, Pingshan District,Shenzhen,China  

In addition to your resume, works, or any other information that you think can prove that you are suitable for the post, you can send us together in the mail.