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STATE FUEL CELL TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION (SFCC) is the first company in Shenzhen to conduct mass commercial operation of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Founded in 2016, the company is a leader in China's hydrogen fuel cell technology research, power system research and development and industrialization, and a national high-tech enterprise with independent innovation core technologies. Development center, engineering testing center and technical service center. Established the Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Basic Technology R&D Center in Taiwan. The company will build a hydrogen energy industry group company that designs, constructs and manages all-round hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen fuel vehicles and hydrogen refueling stations.

The company's main business: world-leading fuel cell power system solutions (leading fuel cell power system and core components R&D and manufacturing, fuel cell application development, etc.); fuel cell industry ecological closed-loop solutions (hydrogen refueling station energy foundation R&D, production, design, construction and operation of core equipment of the facility, operation and management of new energy vehicles, etc.).

The company pays attention to and invests in the ecological chain of the hydrogen fuel cell industry, and has invested in CLP Hydrogen Maple, Guoke Hydrogen Energy, China Electric Power Investment, Asia Pacific Hydrogen Energy Research Institute and other related enterprises to improve the ecological layout of hydrogen energy and new energy fuel cell vehicle industries. Promote the healthy and sustainable development of China's hydrogen energy industry!

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SFCC was invited to participate in the unveiling ceremony of Shenzhen's first international hydrogen energy industrial park

 On the morning of October 9, Shenzhen's first international hydrogen energy industrial park was officially unveiled in Yantian District. Zeng Jianpeng, member of the Standing Committee and Deputy Governor of Yantian District, Zhang Xu, Deputy Director of the Energy Department of Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Wang Dapeng, Secretary of the Party Group of Yantian District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and representatives of CGN Capital Holdings Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Guozhu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and other institutions and enterprises attended the unveiling ceremony. At the ceremony site, the leaders and guests visited the HG-120, a new generation of fuel cell power system products of Shenzhen Guogen, the world's first hydrogen quality rapid detector, and a 49T tractor and 18T sprinkler equipped with Guohydrogen fuel cell power system products. Wang Chenglin, chairman of Shenzhen National Hydrogen, made a detailed introduc...

SFCC assisted the delivery and operation of the first batch of fuel cell commercial vehicles in Guangxi

On the afternoon of September 14, the first batch of commercial hydrogen fuel vehicles in Guangxi, provided by Shenzhen Guohydrogen New Energy with fuel cell power system technology products, was officially delivered in Nanning.

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SFC Energy receives $15m fuel cell order from US surveillance firm

Hydrogen and methanol fuel cell provider, SFC Energy has said it has received its largest fuel cell order to date from a US customer, valued at approximately $15m.

Lhyfe launches digital platform to match hydrogen consumers and suppliers

Green hydrogen producer, Lhyfe has today (November 24) launched a digital platform which it hopes will accelerate the deployment of hydrogen projects.

UK-South Africa commit to unlock investments for infrastructure and green hydrogen

The UK and South Africa are set to join forces to unlock investments for major infrastructure projects and green hydrogen.