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HG-135 Fuel Cell System

发布时间:2020-05-19 15:59:07 

product features:
  • It is suitable for 35~49 tons of heavy load tools, construction machinery, port heavy trucks, etc.;
  • Low noise, quiet working operation;
  • -30°C environment application cold start strategy, real-time energy control strategy;
  • IP67 vehicle protection grade, safe power output capability;
  • The national strong inspection certification has been completed, and all technical indicators fully meet the requirements of the national subsidy standard.
Product number Rated output power/KW The output voltage/VDC highest efficiency/% cooling method Working temperature working altitude Mass Power Density/W/G noise density/DB Protection class size/mm
SFCC-HG135K 135 275-550V 55 liquid cooling -30-85 ≦2500 520 ≦75 IP76 1200*670*660